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I was nervous when i was waiting for my turn to have the CT brain scan. I fasted for the whole night yesterday and was practically shaking when i laid on the table. It was just the table moving. AND BOY AM I SUAY.

The nurse injected the needle into my arm,


There’s NO BLOOD.

And it was the MEDIUM sized needle. Then, she tried to insert deeper and ended  up taking it out. She took the small needle size and injected to my other vein. =.=

Saying i have fine veins. POKE ME 2 TIMES. GRRRR. Injected me and i’m off to scan. Another after scan injection. And i felt SO warm, Doctor said it was normal. So, i forgotten to take my medical report from the hospital. Oh well, next consultation is on 19th march.

Tomorrow’s IT fair. Been SO bored. Resting and resting at home since the CT scan.

Tomorrow till the rest of this week, IT FAIR.

Suki sushi coming next friday. Doggy swimming outing next Saturday then G dad’s family dinner with mine! Paint ball next sunday with my lovely friends and TIMBRE + ESKI BAR.

=) Drink till we drop girls!

I still have not gone to my ZOO or NIGHT SAFARI. Arranging soon. Sentoesa? Not a chance. Poly peeps are gone.
Spa? Arranging with G soon. Have not club yet. Hmm I wonder when. But no rush. Packing my room more important.


I have LOTS to blog about. Somehow, i think its gonna be quite a series of events that happened in a few days.

I have not been sleeping well because of my overwork load from SP4, which i didn’t think it was all that good. But even still, i though we could have done better if our rig was alright. Guess its abit too late for that. Anyway, i had the WORST migraine EVER.

I have to apologize to Adrina and Azreena for ruining the day and emailed Jacques regarding what happened on that presentation day. Those girls stayed even though i told them to go home cause i’m too sick to head out. They were they only ones that witness the WORST of all my migraine experiences.

I told i could be alright when i got home but i lied down and i couldn’t get myself to change. Then, when i got up, i told adrina that azreena could come because i thought that i could force myself to be better.

But apparently, it gotten worst. I was lying on my sofa at the living room. With the pain i couldn’t explain. It was so blur i was so much in pain to even understand what they were talking about. I told them to go back home but they stayed to take care of me.

They went to buy food and i dropped on the floor from the sofa. I crawled towards my bathroom and sat on the floor waiting for me to start puking. But, i didnt. I crawled back to the sofa and marley was just stuck in the room watching me. They got me food which i couldn’t get to even take a bite.

I just drank down another pill which i couldn’t take after 4days. Migraine pills are strong but why aren’t they working on me ? So, i just ate the pill and drank with winter melon drink. Slept somemore but i don’t think i really sleep at all. I was awake but too blur to know whats going on.

I couldn’t even fall asleep with that pain. Parents came home and i was starting to puke. 1st puke, air. 2nd puke,more air. When i puked, my mum was like hitting my back. I was struggling to breathe and she was encouraging me to puke more. But i couldn’t breathe! So, i had to stop her from patting my back.

Once she stopped, 3rd puke was all my gastric juice and the winter melon drink. Yeah, i didn’t eat anything for the day but the breakfast which was quite early in the morning. Once i puked, i feel better but there’s still the pain.

My dad massaged my head and body. Told me to relax and take a shower. I had the most nicest head massage ever! He has migraines too so he knows where is the right spots. I gotten much more comfortable and went to bed at night.

Got up at 5 in the morning with no pain! YAY.


I felt my head still heavy.  Watched alittle tv and dozed off till the afternoon.

And i still had a very good time with my friends later on! =)) Though i still had that heavy feeling in my head, i just couldn’t waste another day! Went to eski bar because Timbre was SO crowded!

Pictures up

We wanted to club at powerhouse but no VIP cause its late already. So we went lau pat sat to eat satay and it was awful. Went to G’s house cause didn’t come to Eski bar with us. Went home instead.

Know why ? I told him millions of times. But he wouldn’t listen to any of my reasons. Instead, he always ignores them like they were not meant to be heard. Not even want to do it my way. Never. Not once.

He will say, ” then you should tell me. I wont do le. “. But guess what ? I did. But he will say ‘Should tell me more”.

Then i tell you for what? Keep telling also wont listen except me to tell him more. Don’t know what he’s thinking.

I am SO scared for tomorrow’s scan. GRR. It’ll be great. There will not be anything wrong. =(

Heading out with sis after the scan. I wonder where to go. Hmm.

I’ve been stuck in school working my ass off and wasted days doing the things which ended up not working and we had to redo.

Kept rendering and rendering. So much work left undone even though I stayed up all night, did the whole day, delay my meals and what do I get in return?

Not even certain I can pass it no matter how hardworking I am. Pple who studies with paper, COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY. You can still pass if you think harder. But I will fail if I can’t complete.

Fuck all computers that slows down a person’s work and hangs and restarts!

Ok. Just hope the DVD works and I’m happy with my work. Just blogged as I am damm pissed off.


Posted on: March 1, 2010

I am going to go out and i am going to love my holidays! But i need friends to have holidays with me. Then it will be holidays! =(

Its been long since i’ve blogged and i don’t really care cause, i don’t like blogging much already. I want to hang out every single day during the holidays.

Oh, main thing i want to blog about is, i am going to upgrade my wordpress blog once my ‘eliciaa.com’ is expired. SO, my wordpress account is my blog and portfolio thing. =)

It costs cheaper too. And i can have my own designs. So, its better that i can work with something i’m more comfortable with.

CNY ang bao are still unopened. LOL. I can’t believe i have not opened my ang bao at all. Hope i kept all the good luck.

Best thing about this SP4?Sadly,its my name card. Though its not ALL THAT but for a person like me, not a talent in designing, its quite an accomplishment.HAHA.

5more days and i hope i got the IT fair job and the weekends job.


Starting of SP4 is already killing me. Next week gotta do my portfolio for the review.

Today, post production. Finished refining story today. Must finish all designs by today. Going home now to complete my research for enviroment on ice.

For the background designs. Gotta complete storyboard tml. Not thumbnails but in draft boards tml.

After tml,scan storyboards and start animatics. The next day, model out our world , characters and props. Given time, two days.

After those two days, rig our characters and prepare master for animation.

Then animate till we drop. Ain’t it hell?

Posted on: January 27, 2010

I want my life back. I want to be the girl i used to be. I want all my goals back. I don’t want anyone stopping me. I don’t want to be put second in my own life. I want to be put first. I want my happiness first. I want me back. I miss myself.

I want to plan things without considering others than me first. I want to love myself more. I’ve been loving too much i can’t love myself. I’m restrained from my own life. I am being a person that i never want to be. I never want to be a slacker. I never want to just wait for my BF at every OFF days. I never want to be caught in the middle when i want to go band practices.

I NEVER want such a life i can’t decide for my own doings. My own plans. My own feelings. I feel like going to orchard. And i go. I never want to be forced into things. I never want to ‘have a choice but there’s no other choices’.

I am always looking for more. But i can’t now. Why?

Posted on: January 25, 2010

I am on my way to school now! It’s so easy to blog on iPhone. I hated to be so common since young. I thought i could be special. I got bigger dreams I guess. Haha

I know I’m changing. But people will change every year. And I really noticed the change I have from last year til now. Not very major but I can feel the change.

The older we are, the less fun we can have. Or because we did all the things already and there’s nothing new we can do.

No matter where I drive to, I stil have to think of what to do. Annoying country. If I were else where, I’ll take a train to another state and stay there for the weekends. Cool right?

I can travel like every week! Japan’s one state is already so big. I won’t get bored at all! Oh gosh. I am dreaming of japan now.

I can imagine my life there. Carefree, even though it’s a stressful country but still, it’s worth it when I’m actually looking forward to where to go on weekends!

Omg I’m blogging rubbish. Still on the bus to school. That’s why can blog rubbish. Hahah!

my lovely dog lovers came together and I tried to drive with my very annoying ankle.

Been having fights with G. Maybe we’re having too much sunshine. Getting married will be even worst?? Aiyo.

Shan’t blog anymore

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